• CRIMINAL LAW: If you or someone you know has been arrested, please contact Mary immediately, do not wait, as each moment is crucial.  Available 24/7. 


  • TRAFFIC OFFENSES: If you have received a traffic summons, Mary can assist. Some offenses under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (V.T.L.) are punishable with jail and/or extremely high fines and will result in a permanent criminal record.  Many tickets also carry high points which can be plea bargained. If you have questions, please contact my office. 


  • CIVIL LITIGATION: If you are a business owner and need to sue or have been sued, Mary can help. 


  • PERSONAL INJURY: If you have been injured due to negligence, we may be able to assist you.


  • CIVIL RIGHTS: If your rights have been discarded by those in power we want to hear from you.